Inspirational Author and Speaker

Divine Empowerer and Freedom Wayshower


“Bring to me those whom I can serve. Give me the wisdom to serve them well,” my daily affirmation.


My daily prayer is to be of service. My hope is to ease your suffering. I have many spiritual tools I can use, but leaning in and listening to your story, I hear and understand more than what you say. I then create a ritual of healing which is unique for you—a combination of what I know has worked for others and/or something totally new. My respect, love and devotion for the angelic realm, plays a significant role in the work I do.

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Breaking Free Summit June 5 – 9

Mt. Shasta

Join Me for a
Five Day, Four Night
Spiritual Retreat
on Mt. Shasta

I have the fortunate opportunity of joining Human Garage’s own Garry Lineham and Anela Lineham, Sirius•Joy’s Christopher R. Witecki, Chakras Root to Crown’s Jenessee Roy, Spirit Medium & Psychic Sky Summers and Mt. Shasta’s very own John Dame Jr. We are being led by the talented producer Jennifer Jordon. It will be a truly uplifting retreat. We would love to have you join us! Only 30 spots are available. Find the complete details and reserve your spot today!


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“When women open their hearts to Spirit, amazing things happen. My mission is to help them find their true path.”

Working as a spiritual counselor, workshop facilitator and speaker. I receive my most profound source of joy when speaking with individuals and/or groups of people who’ve awakened to their spiritual calling and seek a deeper connection to their spiritual guidance. This is where I thrive through my many hours spent counseling and providing workshops that bring clear validation to those who seek to know.

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